Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Missing Spoon: An Analogy for Expectations (Video Lesson)

The Missing Spoon Story 2.0

In April 2016, the story of the "Missing Spoon" was first published .... after receiving such positive response, the following video lesson was prepared to use for professional development trainings focusing on leadership journeys.  Below is the link to the lesson with the embedded story.... Enjoy!


  1. What a great story and great reminder! Being a teacher has definitely made me a more flexible and "roll with the punches" kind of person.

  2. True to the story, I can attest in my 4th year of coaching and being out of the classroom... my spoons have been battered, lost, renewed, substituted and savored! "Nothing ever happens the way you imagine it will"!! I'd have to agree with Crystal... having the ability "to roll with the punches"-- flex and bend can get you through..

  3. I'm just really starting to recognize the limits my own personal expectations have on the level of peace I experience from day to day. It is a weight and contributes to the nagging and annoying feelings that are often suppressed only to be hidden for momentary fragments of time. My realization that these expectations are to be blamed for the dissatisfaction I feel towards education has actually helped me in the last little bit of time. It is at the center of a fixed mindset.
    I'm working on identifying when my expectations get in the way. It has supported my growth in life by helping me to see "there is no one way that is ALWAYS the right way". My expectations may not be someone else's expectations. And...what may be right for me, may not be so right for someone else.

  4. This is a good story and a good lesson. It is very important to be prepared for the school year, for a presentation, and many other scenarios. It is important to think through the trouble spots you are going to have while planning, but planning will only get you so far. Even those that have planned for years, will still find they fall short when an unexpected question/idea/person gets in the way. Being a good teacher/leader/presenter is as much about being prepared as much as it is to “roll with the punches” when things don't go exactly the way you planned. This is where a good sense of humor comes in, where you can laugh it off and add to the tool box of being more prepared the next time. Thanks for sharing this story and lesson!